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Many of our patients are surprised to learn they can get dental implants in one day. In fact, Dr. Li specializes in helping patients like you achieve a brand new smile in just a single visit.

You may be a good candidate for dental implants in a day if you:


Have one or more missing or damaged teeth


Want immediate results


Do not have a medical condition that may negatively affect bone healing


Want an alternative to dentures

What are immediate or same day dental implants?

If a patient is a candidate, utilizing 3D imaging and guided surgical technology, Dr. Li can extract, place a bone graft, and place an implant on the same day.

At Peach State Laser Periodontics & Implants, we can manage the entire procedure in just one visit right here in our comfortable, welcoming office. We’ll work with your general dentist to make sure you’re sent home with a temporary, on the same day that you receive your dental implant.

How does it work?

  1. Placement — Using guided surgery technology, Dr. Li will extract, perform a bone graft, prep, and place your implant the same day! We can place up to 8 implants in just one visit.
  2. Heal with a full smile — We’ll work closely with your general dentist to place a temporary set of teeth. You’ll enjoy a full smile and continue on with your daily life while you wait for your implant to heal.
  3. Restoration — Once the implants have fully fused to your jaw bone, we’ll help schedule your restorative appointment with your general dentist. They’ll attach your permanent teeth (crowns, bridge, or denture).

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Find out if you’re a candidate for same day dental implants or if another process is recommended.

Your comfort is our priority

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Our team is proud to offer safe and comfortable same day implant treatments. Dr. Li holds a hospital-based anesthesia certification, qualifying him to provide IV sedation during your implant treatment. We’re committed to staying up-to-date and current with new technology and techniques that minimize discomfort while maximizing patient experience and results.


I have personally worked with Dr. Li and can honestly say that all of his care is personal and top notch! I definitely recommend him for any periodontal and implant treatment! — Dr. Matt Johnson


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