Are you considering a dental implant procedure? To maximize the success of this tooth replacement treatment, a solid foundation of healthy jawbone is essential. Unfortunately, if you’ve been living with missing teeth for many years or have experienced gum disease, your jawbone may not be up to the task.

Dr. Li may recommend a dental bone graft to ensure your jawbone is strong enough to support the implant. Call 770-310-7822 to schedule an appointment to learn more about saving your smile and improving the strength of your jawbone.

What is dental bone grafting?

When a tooth is lost, or when you’re suffering from advanced gum disease, the bone beneath the affected area begins to dissolve. Eventually, the jawbone will be too weak to support a tooth or an implant. That’s when a bone graft becomes necessary.

A bone graft repairs and rebuilds the lost bone through the transplantation of bone tissue. Although bone grafting is a highly specialized procedure, it’s been a staple of implant dentistry for over 40 years.

Is a bone graft always necessary before an implant?

A dental bone graft is not always needed prior to an implant procedure. Using high-tech digital imaging equipment, Dr. Li will conduct a thorough examination to determine if a dental bone graft is necessary.

What causes bone loss?

Bone loss is most commonly seen as a result of lost teeth. Without a tooth, there’s nothing left to preserve the structure of your jawbone. The result is a slow, steady and irreversible loss of bone structure. Other possible causes of bone loss include:
  • Gum disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Genetics
  • Facial injury

How it works

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After a 60-minute consultation, you’ll walk away with an expert diagnosis and a plan for the future of your smile.

We’ll perform the graft

We’ll help you know what to expect and ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. In some cases, we can perform the graft and place an implant at the same time.

Feel better fast!

We’ll provide follow-up care instructions and check in with you to make sure you’re doing okay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr G. Eric Li

How long does a bone graft take?

The length of dental bone graft procedure varies depending on your needs — we’ll help you know exactly what to expect. Additionally, barring any issues, a dental bone graft treatment can often be done at the same time as your dental implant procedure.
Dr G. Eric Li

How long does it take to recover from a bone graft?

We’ll help you know what sort of recovery period to expect based on your specific situation. In general, a dental bone graft takes four to eight months to fully heal, but sometimes longer.
Dr G. Eric Li

What happens if I get an implant without a bone graft?

If your jawbone isn’t sufficiently strong, your dental implant is more likely to fail in the long term.
Dr G. Eric Li

Are bone grafts painful?

In most cases, a local anesthetic is sufficient to ensure your comfort throughout the bone graft procedure in Suwanee, Georgia. However, we also offer IV sedation and nitrous oxide options.


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