Lip- and tongue-ties can cause feeding problems and affect tooth development. Left untreated, they can continue to cause serious health and lifestyle problems into adulthood. Thankfully, these issues are easily and comfortably treated with laser frenectomies at Peach State Laser Periodontics & Implants.

A laser frenectomy offers many benefits over a traditional frenectomy and can be performed for children, teens and adults. Learn more or contact us today to request a consultation.

Dr G. Eric Li

What is a laser frenectomy?

In your mouth, the frenum is a piece of tissue which connects in two places:

  1. The base of the tongue
  2. Beneath the upper lip
Sometimes the frenum is too short, too high or attached too close to the tip of the tongue. In these cases, a frenectomy is a simple procedure that uses a high-tech laser to remove this connective tissue and allows for normal tongue function and optimal dental and gum health.

Why is a frenectomy needed?

A frenectomy for children can fix…
  • Digestive issues
  • Difficulty breastfeeding
  • Speech or airway difficulties
  • Dental spacing problems
A frenectomy for adults can fix…
  • Speech and eating difficulties
  • Clicking or painful jaws
  • Gum disease and gum recession
  • Inability to keep a denture in place

How It Works


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We’ll examine and diagnose the lip- or tongue-tie and explain what to expect from the laser frenectomy.


Relax during your procedure

Laser frenectomies are incredibly quick, precise and gentle, with minimal discomfort.


Feel better fast!

We’ll provide follow-up care instructions for you or your child and check-in with you often.

No referral necessary! It all starts with a consultation.

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Dr G. Eric Li
Dr G. Eric Li
As a top-rated periodontist and expert on laser-assisted periodontal techniques, parents and adults alike turn to Dr. G. Eric Li to help with lip- and tongue-tie issues. Whether you’re seeking help for your child or for yourself, we’ll make sure you have a comfortable and stress-free experience. Please call 770-310-7822 to learn more about laser frenectomies in Suwanee, Georgia. You’ll be well cared for and know what to expect every step of the way.
Dr G. Eric Li

I have personally worked with Dr. Li and can honestly say that all of his care is personal and top notch! I definitely recommend him for any periodontal and implant treatment! — Dr. Matt Johnson

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need a frenectomy?

Your pediatrician or dentist is often the first to recommend a frenectomy. Dr. Li is great with patients of all ages and will make the consultation easy. After a quick but thorough examination and discussion with you, he will diagnose or provide a second opinion on whether or not a frenectomy is right for your child.

Is laser frenectomy painful?

While traditional frenectomies involve scalpels, laser frenectomies are typically performed with local anesthetic. It’s a very gentle procedure without excess bleeding or any high risk of infection or complications.

How long does it take a laser frenectomy to heal?

Because the laser is minimally invasive and cauterizes as it cuts, you or your child will be back to normal and feeling great soon after treatment.


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