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Suffering from a gummy smile? Discover the benefits of high-tech laser gingivectomy treatment

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Does your smile show off more of your gum line than you’d prefer? Is there too much gum tissue showing above your top teeth when you smile? Also known as excessive gingival display, a gummy smile can have a negative effect on the esthetics of your smile and bring down your self-confidence. Excessive gingival display can also be a sign of oral hygiene issues.

Thankfully, a gummy smile can be easily corrected with a laser gingivectomy.

At Peach State Laser Periodontics & Implants, we’re proud to offer this modern, high-tech laser-assisted treatment for gummy smiles. Compared to traditional gum contouring surgery, our laser gummy smile reduction treatment is faster, more comfortable, and highly effective. Plus, there’s scalpel, no stitches, and no bleeding involved

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Benefits of laser gingivectomy

  • Minimally-invasive
  • No scalpel, no stitches
  • Minimal to no bleeding
  • Faster healing

What causes a gummy smile?

There are a variety of factors that may be contributing to excessive gingival display, including:

The shape and size of your lips


Your facial muscles


The shape and size of your teeth


Your gum tissue

Certain oral hygiene issues, hereditary medical conditions, as well as orthodontic treatment might also be to blame. Whatever the reason, laser gingivectomy is an excellent solution.
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How it works


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This laser dental treatment is quick, gentle, and without fear. You’ll know exactly what to expect.


Feel better fast!

Enjoy quick healing and beautiful results. Your smile is in good hands here!

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As a top-rated periodontist and expert on laser assisted periodontal surgery, Dr. Li can help you feel great about your oral health and the appearance of your smile. We’ll make sure you have a comfortable and stress-free experience. Through advanced laser technology and a friendly team dedicated to your happiness, we set the bar high for standard of periodontal care in Suwanee.


I have personally worked with Dr. Li and can honestly say that all of his care is personal and top notch! I definitely recommend him for any periodontal and implant treatment! — Dr. Matt Johnson

Frequently asked questions


How painful is a gingivectomy?

Thanks to state-of-the-art laser technology, improving your smile is fast, simple, and stress-free. Unlike traditional gingivectomy surgery, we offer a process without scalpels, stitches, or fear!

Do gums grow back after a gingivectomy?

Many patients wonder if a gingivectomy offers permanent results. The answer depends on a variety of factors, but most important is your unique dental health. However, laser treatments have a very high success rate, fewer chances of infection or complications, and long-lasting results.

How long does it take gums to heal after laser gingivectomy?

Modern laser dentistry treatment results in faster healing. We’ll provide you with post-op treatment instructions so you know what to expect. Your gums will look and feel better in no time at all!

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